Advantages of the KVIT burner

Poor quality pellet work

Stable work on a pellet of ENplus class, and also on a pellet of poor quality: sunflower husks and walnut shells.

Dynamic air distribution system

Allows to set the burner for different fraction and the composition of the pellet.

Heat resisting steel

The grate and furnace are made of stainless steel AISI 310S.

Mobile grates

Uniform distribution of fuel throughout the grate area, removing of ash and slag from the combustion zone.

Lining chamber combustion

Increases the service work period of the burner body, improves the quality of fuel combustion.

High fire safety

The presence of a non-return valve and a temperature sensor on the feeder receiver, a constant flame control, a low-melting corrugated hose ensure the flameproof of the burner.

Contents of delivery:

  • KVIT Optima burner.
  • Protective corrugated hose.
  • Control Automation.
  • Temperature sensors.
  • Fuel feed screw.

About company

Our company EuroKvit OÜ is engaged in the development and production of torch-type pellet burners and pellet bunkers. Specialists of the company have extensive experience in the design and operation of burners, which is successfully implemented in our products. During the development of KVIT burners, the experience of operating and servicing the burners of various manufacturers was taken into account. The existing experience allowed to create products that successfully compete with burners of other manufacturers.