About company

Our company is engaged in the development and production of torch-type pellet burners and pellet bunkers. Specialists of the company have extensive experience in the design and operation of burners, which is successfully implemented in our products.

During the development of KVIT burners, the experience of operating and servicing the burners of various manufacturers was taken into account. The existing experience allowed to create products that successfully compete with burners of other manufacturers. For the production of our products are used certified materials and components that comply with European quality standards.

The developments and technical solutions used in the design of KVIT burners allow its application in:

  • in heating systems of various capacities (household and industrial)
  • in bakery and snack ovens (baking bread, drying crackers and chips)
  • in powder painting chambers
  • in incubators

The innovative system of distribution of air supply to the combustion chamber in combination with self-cleaning grates allows the KVIT burners to work stably both on a pellet of the “EN-plus” standard and on a pellet with high ash content (sunflower husk pellet).